The five intermediate or middle-school based lesson plans (targeting grades 6-8) are intended to expand and appreciate a better understanding about the work done on the Underground Railroad from a William Still perspective. Educators may find that these classroom lessons, worksheets, and ideas can be integrated into their current unit or lessons on the subject matter or even adapted for younger or older students with minor redirection. They were developed by educators, for educators in mind.

As a series they take a look at hidden message in songs and hymns of the time, uses of records and writings, public and private, as well as a deeper meaning of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. We also provide educators with some ideas to have students re-create an Underground Railroad trail of their own and come to realize that travel in the mid-1800’s was at best not a clear pathway to freedom for those enslaved. We also provide ways to integrate them into uses of digital technology and other web resources.

Lesson Plans


Hidden Messages in Spirituals

Travel on the Underground Railroad

Social Media and the Underground Railroad

To Follow or Not to Follow?

Heroism and Leadership


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